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Putting my creative talents to use, laying down the outline on a foam blank for my second hand-shaped surfboard at Shaper Studios in San Diego.

As a native of the Pacific Northwest, I grew up surrounded by the majestic mountains and rivers of central Washington state. I spent my days enjoying nature by snowboarding, snowmobiling, riding dirt bikes, hiking, camping and floating down the river on inner tubes.

I first honed my creative abilities at Seattle Central College's prestigious Graphic Design and Illustration program, which is held in high regard by the local Seattle design community. Among the original 50 students accepted, I was one of three who entered directly from high school, and was among the final 25 to successfully graduate this demanding, yet rewarding program.

My artistic journey continued at Washington State University, where I earned a B.A. in Fine Art. There, I assumed the role of Graphics Manager at The Daily Evergreen (the school newspaper), which boasted a daily circulation of 14,500 copies. I led a team of seven designers who crafted the majority of ads for the paper. My contributions also extended to creating captivating spot illustrations, witty cartoons, and striking covers for special editions. On the side, I added a touch of humor as a cast member on a sketch comedy TV show and co-hosted a radio program for a semester.

Professionally, I've embraced a broad spectrum of creative challenges, ranging from designing stunning team stores and restaurants for professional sports stadiums, crafting album covers for esteemed jazz musicians, to collaborating with hot rod builders and surfboard shapers.

When not immersed in creative pursuits, I thrive on the thrill of live music, a good belly laugh with stand-up comedy, and exploring the depths of the ocean as a PADI certified Rescue Diver.


// Mastery of advanced photo-editing techniques in Photoshop, enhanced with Wacom drawing tablets, coupled with exceptional proficiency in vector drawing, and a strong foundation in hand-drawn illustration.

// Collaborated on the design of stunning, turnkey retail  & food service establishments in high-profile venues such as professional sports stadiums, casinos, zoos, and airports on a national scale. These projects served prestigious clients such as: the NFL, major/minor league baseball, the Indy 500, professional hockey, and the Houston Zoo.

// 8 years of experience as a technical illustrator, utilizing 3D models with SolidWorks Composer for the creation of user/repair manuals across multiple production lines at a global corporation within the electronics manufacturing sector.

// Robust track record in sign design, complimented with hand
s-on experience operating a diverse array of signmaking equipment, with skills in project management, inside sales, job site surveys, assembly, and installations.

// Rich legacy of delivering successful results on a wide spectrum of freelance design endeavors.



• Adobe Photoshop

• Adobe Illustrator / CADtools

• CorelDRAW

• FlexiSIGN

• SolidWorks Composer

• EnRoute

• Adobe Acrobat

• Microsoft Office products


Hands-on experience with the file setup and/or operation of:

 • CNC machinery

 • Large format digital printers

• Vinyl plotters

 • ADA/Braille engravers

 • Laminators

 • Wacom drawing tablets


  • LinkedIn

M3 Creative


Jan/2007 -  Feb/2009

Helped craft spectacular retail & food service environments for high-profile venues such as: professional sports stadiums, zoos, airports & casinos nationwide.  Clients included: the NFL, minor/major league baseball, the Indy 500, professional hockey and the Houston Zoo.


Produced branded 3D environments, designed logos, wall murals, signage, menus, brand standards, hand-illustrated architectural renderings, custom illustrations & production art.

Reid Signs

Senior Designer, Inside Sales & Project Manager

Feb/2009 - Sept/2011

Designed custom sign packages & vehicle graphics, while overseeing inside sales, project management, estimating, job site surveys and assisted with assembly and installations. Facilitated the file setup & operation of vinyl plotters, large format digital printers & laminators.


Designer, Project Manager

May/2012 - Jan/2013

Orchestrated the design & project management of multiple electrical/non-electrical sign packages and facilitated the file setup and operation of CNC machines, ADA engravers, Braille tools and large-format digital printers.

Clear Sign & Design

Lead Designer

Mar/2013 - Jul/2015

Designed custom electrical/non-electrical, interior/exterior sign packages & original logos.

Produced photo-realistic renderings & production/permit drawings, while working in synchronicity with the sales team, project managers, fabricators & subcontractors.


KEY PROJECT: Secured the sale of the 2nd largest, 2nd most valuable sign in company history ($330k). Project involved a 26ft tall double-sided, illuminated entry sign for the Valley View Casino, featuring (2) 7ft x 11ft video screens.


Technical Illustrator

Jul/2015 - Jun/2023

Developed technical illustrations incorporating 3D SolidWorks models, custom 2D artwork, photos and engineering drawings for depiction of product assembly/disassembly, maintenance and repair in technical manuals.


Supported three technical writers and ensured accuracy with the engineering team.

Additional contributions: trade show displays, signage, logos, UI graphics, industrial design, packaging, online/print ads & artistic illustrations.

Peel & Associates

Freelance Sign Design

Jan/2007 - Present

Signage design (via Peel & Associates) for Weidner Apartment Homes, the 15th largest apartment complex owner in the nation.


Projects include: Logo design, interior/exterior, electrical/non-electrical signs, monument/entry signs, wall/blade signs & wayfinding. Properties are located nationwide, with some surpassing 1,000+units.

KEY PROJECT: Designed all the signs for Weidner Field, a new professional soccer stadium and event venue in Colorado Springs. This included: logo design, electrical/non-electrical signs, wayfinding, interpretive signs, super-graphics and ADA Signs.


Washington State University

Bachelor of Art in Fine Art

Seattle Central College

A.A.S. in Graphic Design & Illustration


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