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While working as a designer at M3 Creative in Seattle, I created numerous architectural renderings for high-profile projects, including professional sports stadiums, casinos, and airports across the nation. These renderings were part of larger presentations containing turnkey retail & food service design/build packages.


A colleague would generate 3D wireframe models of the environments in AutoCAD, which were then exported as TIFF images. In Photoshop, using a Wacom drawing tablet, I executed the color rendering, integrating custom hand-drawn elements and other assets crafted in CorelDRAW.


In collaborative scenarios, multiple team members rendered different sections of the same image, which were composited seamlessly into the final image. Ensuring a consistent art style was imperative, so that the final rendering looked as if it was done by the hand of a single artist.

Johnny Rockets

These renderings were part of a franchise guide given to new Johnny Rockets franchise owners to insure they adhere to Johnny Rockets corporate branding.

New Meadowlands Stadium

Renderings for an automotive-themed bar/restaurant & gourmet peanut butter restaurant at the New Meadowlands Stadium, where the New York Giants and Jets football teams play.


This was part of a very large presentation to help win a 20 year contract to upgrade and manage all the bars, restaurants, concession stands and retail stores at the stadium. I was one of several people who collaborated on these renderings to arrive at the final image.

Gladstones 4 Fish

Gladstone's 4 Fish was a local Malibu restaurant, that we recreated at LAX. I did a great deal of the work on this project. The front elevations, signs, architectural rendering and bar were all designed by me. Much of what you see was inspired by reference photos of their original location.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Team Store

I was one of several people who worked on this rendering. I rendered much of the merchandise in the background.

Gordon Biersch

This an airport bar/restaurant concept for Gordon Biersh. I was one of several people who worked on this rendering at the same time. I came up with the idea to make the fence look like wheat. I rendered the fence, flooring and chairs.

FINAL On the Border Illustration - WEB.jpg

On the Border Mexican Grill

Restaurant concept for LAX.

1.0 Illustration Rendering-2 WEB.jpg

Greensboro Coliseum

Concession-style food establishment concepts for the Greensboro Coliseum in North Carolina.

Sorrento Grille

Italian restaurant concept for an airport.

Grill Sergeants

Military-themed bar/grill concept for Crown Center in Kansas City.

Top Dog

Hot dog concession concept for Broadmoor World Arena in Colorado Springs.

Santa Ana Star Casino

Billboard design and billboard location map I created in both Photoshop & CorelDRAW.


A co-worker first rendered the billboard structure in 3D as a wireframe image in AutoCAD.  I placed my billboard design in Photoshop over the wireframe AutoCAD image and then completed the rest of the rendering.

I created the billboard location map largely in Photoshop with a Wacom drawing tablet, initially based-off a Google Maps image. The other graphical elements were created in CorelDRAW.

These images were created as part of larger a casino exterior design package.

Candy Kitchen

Mobile candy cart concept I designed & rendered using the branding on the company website as inspiration.

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