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History of Florida Baseball Illustrated Mural

Wall mural I hand-illustrated in a comic book style, depicting the history of baseball in Florida, for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays professional baseball team at Tropicana Field.


This was largely done in Photoshop with a Wacom drawing tablet, with the text and other graphical elements done in CorelDRAW. The layouts of the murals are above and photos of the installed mural below in the images above.

Lakeland Flying Tigers

Hand-illustrated map of the WWII Flying Tigers mission for the Lakeland Flying Tigers (minor league baseball team) team store. This was a decorative element that was to hang behind the cash register in the team store.  I conducted research ahead of time, insuring historical accuracy of the map and what's depicted. I drew most everything in Photoshop with a Wacom drawing tablet, minus the textual elements that were done in CorelDRAW. I also designed some of the smaller signs in the other images.

Dreamers Rods & Pickups

Custom-illustrated hot hod t-shirt design for Dreamers Rods & Pickups, based on the photo in the top left. This was entirely drawn with a mouse in CorelDRAW.

Embroidered Patch Illustrations

During my time as a technical illustrator at Nordson, I volunteered to create a captivating series of embroidered patch illustrations, serving as a commemoration for the significant achievements accomplished by their dedicated global staff on various projects.


Nordson used National Park names as a "working title" for products they were creating, prior to the marketing department giving them their official names.

These patches feature all original artwork (no clip art) that was entirely drawn with a mouse in CorelDRAW.

Shaking Hands Illustration-7.jpg

Artemidorus Pink Floyd Tribute Band

This is an illustration for a Pink Floyd tribute band called "Artemidorus" used as part of a video montage that's projected to a screen during their shows. It's a blend of Pink Floyd's album cover "Wish You Were Here" and the song "Welcome to the Machine.

I custom-illustrated the robot and the man in CorelDRAW, then finished the rest in Photoshop.

Pet Portraits

Pet portraits I've done for friends and loved ones. Some gifts, some commissions. Each painting is acrylic on canvas. Note the coins for scale.