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500 Grill

Indy 500 themed restaurant in the Indianapolis airport. This was a complete turnkey design/build  project I worked on at M3 Creative in Seattle, that even features a real Indy car mounted to the wall behind the bar.


Complete restaurant design/build project in the San Diego airport our team designed at M3 Creative. I designed the menu over the front counter, the other signage and generated the exterior elevations. The terrazzo floor features a large Chinese dragon that weaves it's way back into the restaurant.

Gladstones 4 Fish

Gladstone's 4 Fish was a local Malibu restaurant, that we recreated at LAX. I did a great deal of the work on this project. The front elevations, signs, architectural rendering and bar were all designed by me. Much of what you see was inspired by reference photos of their other location.

Johnny Rockets

These drawings were part of a franchise guide given to new franchise owners to help them adhere to the Johnny Rockets corporate branding. I created the architectural renderings, and most of the other elevations with some added teamwork from co-workers.