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Shaper Studios

Sample of a surfboard shaping manual I was creating with the CEO of Shaper Studios in San Diego. Shaper Studios was a place that taught people how to hand-shape their very own surfboard.


This was to be a pitch to college to make this part of their curriculum, but the project never moved forward beyond what you see here. I hand-illustrated all the tools you see in CorelDRAW and generated the instructional layouts as well, working closely with the CEO of Shaper Studios on all the details.

Dispensing Pattern Illustrations

Custom 2D illustrations I created in CorelDRAW and Photoshop, depicting dispensing patterns that can be achieved with various applicator tips used on Nordson Asymtek valves. These applicator tips mount to mechanical, electronically-controlled valves that then get mounted to Nordson's CNC fluid dispensing machines.  Collectively, these largely get used to apply adhesives and protective coatings to circuit boards in a superconductor or automotive manufacturing facility. These images were generated for a trade magazine.

Intellijet Valve

The Nordson Asymtek Intellijet Valve dispenses a variety of fluids in dot formations and is used primarily in superconductor manufacturing. These are an assortment of key images I produced for the Intellijet manual in SolidWorks Composer.